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We surround ourselves with people that build great things.

Serving the Columbia Basin since 1998, Inland Bath & Kitchen (IBK) is one of the premier design-build remodelers in the Columbia Basin area, offering services ranging from a simple shower replacement to complete house reconfiguration and renovation. With the addition of a full cabinet and woodworking shop in-house, IBK has the ability to take on any residential project.

Our customers have shared their experiences with IBK giving us a great reputation of which we are very proud. We stand behind our work and put in the extra time and energy to ensure the best results for the project and our customer’s experience.

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractor. As members of local and national trade associations, we stay up to date with building codes, trends, practices, and resources, as well as search for exciting new products and ideas to share with our customers.


Brian Goulet


Brian, the owner and founder of Inland Bath & Kitchen, launched the business 23 years ago. Prior to starting IBK, Brian honorably served his country with a stint in the U.S. Army. He with his wife Cindy, also own and operate two local restaurants and a few commercial rental properties in town.

What Brian enjoys most about his involvement with IBK is the variety of projects and different functions of the job. He relishes the gratification of helping others improve their lives, whether it’s through upgrading their homes or trying to provide a good working environment for the staff. 

“I enjoy making people happy and it’s fun creating a unique experience for our clients.” 

Brian takes pride in the high-quality and dynamic team he has at IBK. He cites the fact that all of the employees have unique skills and they are talented enough that they could work anywhere in the industry. 

“We truly have a great team, and I couldn’t imagine doing what I do, providing the services that we provide, without them.”

When he isn’t working, Brian enjoys working on various projects and enjoying time with friends and family.

Brett Roberts


Brett has worked in the residential design and remodel services industry for 22 years and has been employed at IBK for 11 of those years. When it comes to the task, Brett embraces challenges and solving problems.  

“I enjoy finding creative ways to improve people’s living spaces, and seeing a project begin as an idea and build to fruition.” 

Brett thoroughly enjoys the people he gets to work with and has plenty of laughs while getting the work done.  

Among Brett’s hobbies are hunting, fishing, woodworking, soccer, and art. What many people might not know about Brett is that he has an A.A. degree in Animation. When asked what one food he could eat for the rest of his life he simply replied, “pasta.” 

Sonja Punch


Sonja holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design from Washington State University and has been in the industry for more than a decade. She joined IBK in 2019 after working in the Denver area as a commercial and residential designer.

Sonja enjoys designing spaces that are unique to a client’s personality and creating solutions that enhance their daily living practices.

“Experiencing the joy of a client’s reaction to their new space is priceless.”

Being immersed in the construction process has enhanced Sonja’s knowledge of the industry and honed her communication skills between her – in the role of the designer, and the contractors.

She especially likes working with and learning from the talented craftsmen that make dreams on paper a reality.

Sonja has a variety of personal interests that include watercolor and acrylic painting, skiing, camping – in an RV, and mixology. She also makes time to help with the family cherry orchards and vineyards.

Paige Goulet Jordan

Accounts Receivable & HR

Paige earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Hospitality Business Management from Washington State University.  

Paige brings five years of industry experience to IBK and couldn’t be happier with her position as it suits her enjoyment of working with people.

What does she appreciate most about her career? “I enjoy the combined skills of each team member at IBK coming together to create a beautifully finished project. That makes me proud to be a part of the IBK team.” 

When she isn’t working, Paige takes time to wake surf, as well as spending time with family and friends.  

If left to choose one meal to have for the rest of her life, Paige would have pasta with Bolognese sauce, preferably made by her mom. 

Andrew Dempsey

Master Craftsman

Andrew is AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) Certified, a CMA (Cement Masons Apprenticeship) Journeyman, and KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers of America) Quality Certified. 

Andrew has 24 years of industry experience and has curated custom cabinets and furniture at IBK for six years.  

What Andrew likes most about his job at IBK is “working with all the tools.” 

He takes pride in helping people build their dreams and see them become a reality.  

Andrew’s hobbies include rocking and rolling, building robots, and making movie props. What people might not know about Andrew is that he is an amateur banjo player. He is also president of the Rush fan club – he suspects he is the only member.  If he was forced to have just one food for the rest of his life, Andrew says it would be hot pockets. 

Eric Wilz


Eric has three decades of experience in the industry, and he has been an IBK team member for eight years. Client satisfaction is one of the main joys Eric gets from his career.  

“I like the satisfaction of completing a project and having clients that appreciate a job well done.” 

He enjoys working with a team of carpenters that share the same passion to strive for perfection.  

When Eric isn’t perfecting carpentry at IBK, he can be found riding off-road motorcycles, camping, boating, and restoring furniture.  You might not know that Eric has other not-so-well-known talents. One of them is carving reclaimed wood.

Vicente Perez

Project Lead

Vicente has 15 years of residential design and remodel services industry experience, all at IBK. Vicente couldn’t enjoy his profession more and feels very fortunate to be alongside such talented colleagues.  

“I really enjoy new learning opportunities and my co-workers.” 

Vicente is an automotive enthusiast and spends much of his time restoring cars and trucks. What you might not know about Vicente is that he is quite skilled at math.  Left with only one food that he could eat for the rest of his life, for Vicente, it would be steak. 

Julio Brindas

Project Lead

Julio has a decade of industry experience, and he has worked seven of those years at IBK.  

Julio likes the creative side of his job and, specifically transforming a space into something exciting and new.  

“I like remodeling because I can make a space more functional and modern through changes in construction.” 

What he enjoys most about IBK are his co-workers and the knowledge he gains from them.  

Julio’s favorite pastime is playing soccer, which he usually does on Sundays, and singing.  Don’t be surprised if he belts out a turn while he works! 

Kevin Diaz


Kevin has spent four years with IBK, honing his skillset in the residential design and remodel services industry. 

When it comes to his career, Kevin thinks of himself as a student of carpentry. The lessons he learns enables him to expand his expertise.  

“I learn new things every day. It makes me a handyman!” 

Along with his co-workers, Kevin likes growing as a team at IBK.  

Away from work, you’ll find Kevin involved with his church and spending time at the gym.  

Would you believe that Kevin can fall asleep “in half a second”? That’s a skill you might not have known he has!

Inland Bath and Kitchen, IBK,  is a full-service residential design and remodeling firm that includes kitchen and bath remodels, consulting services, woodworking, custom cabinetry, and interior design services.